Dita Vladyková


Mayer culpa

Forcing workers to come into the office is a symptom of Yahoo’s problems, not a solution to them
1. 3. 2013

English proficiency falls behind

EF Education First announced today the results of a global study revealing that English language competencies of country workforces are worse...
12. 1. 2013

Robot Workers: Coexistence Is Possible

By Sam Grobart, Bloomberg Businessweek The robots are coming. Resistance is futile. From car factories to microprocessor plants to fulfillment...
17. 12. 2012

Eradicating 'Reply All'

By Mike Rosenwald, Business Week In 2008, Gustavo Reveles, a Navy veteran deep into his two-decade career at the U.S. Border Patrol, got an...
25. 11. 2012